Multiplier Events

Would you like to learn about the events organised at the end of the project? Conferences have been held in Spain, Italy, Norway, and Lithuania.


We want to showcase the project results and guide all interested individuals on how to implement active and green outdoor pedagogies with children. If you work in the education sector, are in contact with children, are a parent, or want to learn more about the implementation of these methodologies, our events might interest you!

Our events

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Habitar la Natura
La Vall d'Uixó, Spain

This concluding event of the project provided a brief introduction regarding challenging education - feelings and nature in active learning, outdoor education. It delivered valuable insights into the two project outcomes: the E-book and didactic units, followed by an expert presentation on the implementation of active and green pedagogies in other schools among the project partners. Teachers and educators conducted three simultaneous workshops, incorporating elements of natural vegetation, such as flowers, tree branches, and leaves.

Challenging education – feelings and nature in active learning
Sogndal, Norway

This concluding event of the project initiated brief discussions about the purpose of education, and introduced three chapters of the e-book to the audience. In addition, partners from HVL explained the process for participants to obtain the e-book and receive updates about the project. Similar to the other multiplier events, an explanation was given on how active and green pedagogies were implemented by the project partners in their institutions.

Outdoor learning: how to include it in the school didactic units
Vilnius, Lithuania

This concluding event of the project began with a brief presentation of the project and its outcomes, accompanied by the exchange of best practices in creating didactic units. Following that, two workshops were provided based on the previously received information. During the multiplier event, participants were encouraged to use and implement the project results to enhance the impact of various pedagogies on children's learning.

Outdoor learning: how to include it in the school didactic units
Rome, Italy

This concluding event of the project initiated brief presentations about outdoor education and methods for incorporating it into didactic units. Workshops on creating didactic units with outdoor learning according to PR2 were also carried out. Furthermore, partners explained how participants could obtain the e-book and stay updated on the project. During the workshop, participants were grouped by school or locality to brainstorm and discuss potential instructional units, fostering collaborative learning and idea generation.


"Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives."
- Thomas Berry -
“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach of us more than we can ever learn from books.”
- John Lubbock -
“Understanding who your kids are and how to meet their needs. You are still focused on outcomes, but the path to get there may not be the same for each one.”
- Pedro Noguera -



The main actors in implementing outdoor education in school.


Professionals in the education field, focused on non-formal learning.


Administrative, directive and other staff working in schools.


Families are also a key actor in the education of children. In these events, families can learn the benefits of outdoor learning.